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  • Box: Manual: Cartridge: + Reg. Card JAPANESE GAME FOR SEGA 32 X MEGADRIVE SYSTEMS. Second hand item , complete  , good condition  (see pictures for more details).

    99,99 €
  • VERY RARE PRODUCT! Bundle of Japanese MD 2 + Mega CD + Super 32X, all region-free modified! They can all launch PAL, JPN and US games. These products will not work with other systems (i.e, if you already have a Mega CD, this MD2 will not work with it). EXCELLENT CONDITION, ALL COMPLETE

    799,99 €
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  • Enjoy all your retro consoles/systems on Pro mintor like Sony PVM / BVM !This is an active box to connect any source RGB Scart format (console, supergun, VCR ...) on a Pro monitor with BNC inputs. As for example Sony PVM / BVM monitorIncludes a sync stripper (LM1881)The adapter is powered by an external psuImportant : You must use a RGB scart with your...

    79,90 €
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  • AC Adapter, European plug. This accessory was specially made by our technician. New & guaranteed Generic picture

    19,99 €
  • RARE PRODUCT, JAPANESE EDITION All complete, in perfect state. The console comes with the box, the manual, the wedge, one wireless controller and the cables. The power supply is Japanese, it requires a special voltage adapter. This console will only launch Japanese games.

    1 499,99 €
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