We buy a lot of products back: recent and retro video games, consoles of any generation, accessories, goodies... within the limits of our personal stock. You can either sell your articles at our local store in Paris, or if you live abroad, by email.

At our local store

Just come and visit us at our store located on 4 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011, Paris (métro République). Our sellers will gladly welcome you and estimate your products within the best time. We will then assure you the fairest price for your items. There is two buy-back method:

  • By instant cash.
  • By voucher, valid on both our store and website, for all our products. These vouchers, registered on your personal account, can be used whenever you want, no matter the time. Vouchers are more valuable than cash (+20%): for example, a buy-back of 100 euros cash is equivalent to a 120 euros voucher.

IMPORTANT! We buy back only from adults with an ID card. Also, consider that the state of the product is significant for the final buy-back price.