Preorders and reservations

Our website allows you to pre-order any article of your choice. To do so, just go to our Homepage, and click on the Pre-Order thumb to select a category (PS4, 3DS, Goodies...). You can either click directly on the products that are displayed. 

You can now buy a pre-ordered product as you would do with a normal article. Your order will be registered, and you will be debited immediately. Caution though! A pre-order can not be refunded or exchanged. So make sure that you have made the good choice before you buy any of them.

The number of pre-orders is likely to change, depending on the stocks of the publishers. We might have to close certain pre-orders before the release of an article.

Your pre-ordered copy will be sent to you as a priority, as soon as the products are released.

If the game is cheaper when it's released, we refund you the difference in price.

Warning: if the preorder is made less than one week before the item is released, then the preorder might be delayed or cancelled(and refunded)