Product condition & notation system A, B, C


In order to state a product, we set up a notation system:

BLISTER = New, sealed, and original product. Please refer to the description to know the state of the blister pack.

MINT: Like new, perfect condition. The original blister pack may be still there.

A = Very good state, used but looks like new.

B = Fairly good condition, no significant damage. May be some light scratches on the box, the manual or the game.

C = Acceptable. Some scratches, rips, or signs of time may be present.

D = Bad condition. Significant rips, handwritings on the game, the manual or the box.

LOOSE = Game only, no manual, no box. The software or the console is provided with its connectig branches only.

JUNK = Used, damaged, non tested and non guaranteed. Might work.