Exclusive Divers 2000 series cx-1

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Manufacturer:Fuji Television

Released: March 21st, 2000 (Japan)

Initial Price: 88,888 Yen

In Package: Divers 2000 Dreamcast/Monitor, control pad, keyboard, remote, camera, rumble pak, Dream Passport disc, teleconferencing software, headset, instruction manuals, instructional video (VHS).

Misc. Notes: Top-loading Dreamcast built into a single box with a small, but high-resolution monitor.

Fuji Television Network to Launch TV With Dreamcast PowerVR Series2 Technology

Television Set Features Sega Dreamcast Technology For Game Play And Internet

Imagination Technologies the international company that develops, licenses and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, digital video, audio and speech technologies is pleased to report that CSK, Sega and Fuji Television Network ( have announced a new multi function TV set incorporating PowerVR Series2 technology.

The system, called Divers 2000 Series CX-1, features inbuilt technology from Sega’s Dreamcast console including the PowerVR 2DC graphics processor designed by Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Technologies division and manufactured by NEC.

Divers 2000 Series CX-1, which is fully compatible with Dreamcast software, will be available in May, exclusively in Japan, for 88,888 yen (approx. $830 USD).

Divers 2000 Series CX-1 features a 14inch television, the DreamEye Dreamcast digital camera and a Dreamcast keyboard and game-controller. All components are rendered in a stylish black colour. The system can run a custom version of the Microsoft WindowsCE operating system and is powered by a Hitachi SH4 200MHz CPU and PowerVR 2DC graphics processor with a high-density GD-Drive for games and CD playback. The system can also function with a Dreamcast modem for Internet access and features a dedicated MIDI connection for music devices.

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CompatibilityNTSC-JPN (Japanese systems)
Box LanguageJapanese
Manual languagesJapanese
ConditionComplete (with box and manual)