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  • A Rare japanese limited edition. Very good condition. Contents: Neo Geo pocket crystal edition, Samurai Spirits!, Samurai Strap

    199,99 €
  • Asian Neo Geo X Gold system Second hand item, in box, in excellent condition. Includes a 8Gb memory card. No manual. This console has been modified, with a Micro SD card including many emulators and ROMs. You can add and play more of them (NTSC and PAL), and can still play the 20 original games already set on the console.   You can no more read the...

    249,99 €
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  • SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Console. NEW PRODUCT Japanese anthracite edition.

    149,99 €
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  • Console * Box: B * Manual: B * Console: A Game: * Box: B * Booklet: A * Cartridge: A JAPANESE PRODUCT Second hand item , complete , very good condition. The game and the console are Mint (see pictures for more details).

    349,99 €
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