Secure payment


We offer several secure payment methods:

  • Directly by credit card, by means of our distant selling contract with the Crédit Agricole Bank, we accept CREDIT CARD, VISA and MASTER CARD. All payment are SSL secured

  • Paypal: we accept Paypal but please take note that the shipping address on your Paypal account must match the one you gave us on Our website is allowed to cancel and refund an order if the addresses do not match. Every Paypal payment will be increased by 4% (of the entire amount, including the article and the shipping costs), due to the extra Paypal costs.

  • Bank transfer (national or international): we accept bank transfers. As soon as the order is ready to be delivered, we will send you our bank datas. Our society is registered at the Crédit Agricole Bank, in France. We accept international bank transfer inside and outside the European Union. Depending on the country or the bank, you may pay additionnal charges for customs clearance. These charges must be borned by you. We are allowed not to deliver the order as long as we have not received the exact payment for it. You can pay it within 7 working days. If you do not, we will cancel the order and put it back to sale.

  • Cash: in theory, we only accept cash payments at our local store. But it is still possible, case-by-case, to pay in cash at our store for an order that you placed on our website. If so, just confirm your order by Bank Transfer on the website, and send us an email saying that you would withdraw the product at our shop. We will book your item for 7 days, then put it up for sale if you do not come and claim it.