[26 March 2020] Due to the circonstances, we are doing our best to keep shipping orders quickly but some order's delivery can be delayed, we apologize.

[15 March 2020] Covid-19: Our site will stay opened, and the orders will continue to be shipped daily threw DHL or Chronopost. Deliveries to US, ITALY and other EUROPEAN COUNTRIES are still OK

But our shop in Paris will be closed till the french gouverment says so. Ganbarou!!


Trader Games Reward Points

What are reward points ?

You get reward points anytime you purchase an item on our website. For each order you place, you get an amount of points equivalent to 4% of the item value.

For example, a purchase of 10€ generates 1 reward point. Ten points correspond to 0,4€.

When you get enough points, you can then obtain a voucher that you can use on our website only. To do so, you have to validate an order on our site : you will get points as soon as the package has been delivered. You can transmute your points directly from your account : a special section is dedicated to reward points back there.