Glossary & abbreviations

You will find here the description of all the abbreviations used on this website.



The words below correspond to European products:

  • Euro: European version
  • FAH: Dutch and French version
  • PAL: PAL is a colour encoding system for analogue television used in broadcast television systems in most countries broadcasting at 625-line / 50 field (25 frame) per second (576i). Other common colour encoding systems are NTSC and SECAM. On this website, PAL widely refers to European version standards, and sometimes Australian. 
  • FR/FRA: French version
  • UK/UKV:British version
  • ITA: Italian Version
  • EEC: this term refers only to the Nes games. It corresponds to a European multi-language norm. The origin of an EEC version can only be identified through the language of the booklet included with the game. 
  • Pal A/PAL B: Nes video standards. The Pal A designates Italian, English, and Australian game versions. Pal B, German, Spanish and French game versions. Pal A cannot be read on Pal B Nes systems, and vice-versa.
  • NEU: Nintendo Europe. The NEU abbreviation is often associated with a number: this number indicates how many language the game possesses (NEU4, NEU6...).

Japan, Asia

  • NTSC JAP: video standards associated with the Japanese territory. 
  • JAP/JPN: Japanese products
  • Asian: it differs from the Japanese version. The Asian version often posseses an English translation.


  • NTSC US: video standards associated with the American territory.
  • US/USA: American version


  • Mint/Near Mint: second hand product, but the condition is like new, or nearly like new.
  • Occ: abbreviation of "Occasion". It refers to second-hand products.
  • Loose: content only. No box and no booklet are included